Southern Angle-Headed Dragon

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A medium-sized dragon up to about 100mm snout-vent length inhabiting the rainforests and wet eucalypt forests of central eastern Australia from Gosford, NSW n the south to the Sunshine Coast in south-east Queensland.

These are secretive lizards in the wild relying on their cryptic colouration and and a habit of slowly shuffling around to the opposite side of a branch when approached to protect them from predators. Colour and markings vary somewhat, some specimens are light brown and totally devoid of any markings while other specimens are attractively marked in olive green with darker blotches and stripes on the back, head and tail. Females can often be distinguished from males by the presence of darker bars on the lips and "eyelash" like markings above the eye.

These lizards are unusual amongst reptiles in that they are known as a thermal conformer. This means they don't actively bask and try and raise their body temperatures like most reptiles but merely take on the temperature of their surrounding environment. This makes them easy captives to care for as they don't require big basking lights or heat pads just a general ambient temperature in the mid-20s to perform their normal metabolic functions.

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