Rough-throated Leaf-tailed Gecko

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Along with the northern leaf-tailed gecko (S. cornutus), this species is the largest of the Australian geckos with snout-vent lengths of up to 145mm and a total length of around 250mm. The original tail is a spectacular flat, fleshy appendage beautifully ornamented with cryptic colours and textural tubercules and spines. In the event that the tail is lost it does regrow but is never as exquisitely marked and lacks any ornamentation.

The rough-throated leaf-tail occurs in the sandstone cliffs and forests of a few scattered areas of central Queensland emerging at night to forage for large beetles, cockroaches and spiders. It exhibits a characteristic foraging behaviour where it sits motionless for hours on a rock face with its hed down and tail up waiting to ambush passing prey.

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