A Guide to Australian Skinks in Captivity

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Book Review
By Dr Danny Brown BVSc (Hons) BSc (Hons)
Reptile Publications, 360pp, RRP $75 + P&H
Most serious reptile hobbyists in Australia would have been aware of Danny
Brown’s project to publish a major work on reptile captive husbandry for many
years. When such plans appear to continue interminably it usually means the
assignment will never be fulfilled or, more rarely, the fruition is a work of
exceptional standard. In this instance the latter is most definitely the case.
This is a phenomenal piece of work that amply reflects the level of time and
effort invested in its production and one Danny Brown can be extremely proud
The book itself has a straightforward layout beginning with general husbandry
aspects of maintaining Australian skinks in captivity followed by a section on
common diseases and disorders and the remainder of the book covers
specific details and care of various groups of species. The sheer amount and
scope of the information provided is staggering and the book is truly a
comprehensive guide. Every conceivable aspect of the maintenance, housing,
feeding, breeding and health care is covered, usually in extensive detail. At
first glance one could be excused for thinking that the reader may be
swamped by too much information, yet the clear layout of headings and
subheadings makes it very easy to navigate to those sections of interest and
Danny’s plain but erudite writing style makes it easy to extract the information
required and, more importantly, feel confident that this information is correct
and accurate.
I was especially pleased to see the abundance of photographs illustrating
husbandry concepts many of which the author has conceived and developed
himself. Too often these invaluable resources are left out in place of attractive
species shots that can be found in a plethora of other publications. The range
of species photographs that has been included by some of Australia’s best
reptile photographers is a good balance of a wide range of the species
mentioned in the text often accompanied by good habitat shots. If I have one
criticism it would be that I would like to have seen more references to the
source of the data in some of the tables as reinforcement of the accuracy and
quality of the information displayed. However, this stems from a personal
scientific background and really doesn’t detract from the overall standard of
the publication.
To date, this is the only publication from this author in the new and extensive ‘A Guide To…’ series that I have had the pleasure to examine. I have little doubt based in the content and production in this work that all of Danny’s books in this series will become ‘must-haves’ for any hobbyists working with the reptile families concerned. Quite simply this is possibly the best book on reptile captive husbandry I have read and I look forward to acquiring the others in the series very soon.
Reviewed By Rob Porter
October 2012
AVAILABLE from Reptile Publications
Phone (07) 5568 0011
Email: reptiles@reptilepublications.com.au

This full colour book by Dr. Danny Brown, provides detailed information on all aspects of captive husbandry relating to the most commonly kept species of Australian Skink species.

Soft celloglazed covers, 360 pages and over 400 images. This book contains extensive information on General Husbandry, Housing, Feeding, Breeding, Diseases & Disorders and individual chapters on all Australian Skinks kept in captivity.

Species included as as follows: Blue-tongued and Shingleback Skinks, Burrowing Skinks, Crevice Skinks and their allies, Forest and Water Skinks, Prickly Forest Skinks, Rainbow Skinks, Sand Swimmers, Slender Blue-tongue Skinks, Pink-tongued Skinks, Striped Skinks and other small terrestrial skinks.

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