Boyd's Forest Dragon

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Male Boyd's forest dragons are one of the most spectacular of all Australian lizards with their impressive head crest capped with a series of pale spines along with various adornments of spines and enlarged scales on the throat and back often combined with an attractive colouration of olive green, black, browns and yellow.

They are inhabitants of the tropical rainforest of far north-eastern Queensland where they spend much of their time 1-2m above the ground on the trunks of small saplings observing their surroundings for food, threats and other dragons. If approached they will often shuffle around to the opposite side of the trunk to keep their body obscured from any approaching threat.

Large males may exceed 150mm in snout-vent length and over 300mm in total length. Females are distinctly smaller and their spines and crests are smaller and less impressive although these differences may take 12 months or more from hatching to become evident.

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