Insect Care

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Giant Mealworm Pupation Boxes
In Stock
Handy 18 compartment container for pupating giant mealworm larvae which must be separated from each ..
Palm Peat Brick 15 Litre
Out Of Stock
Palm peat or coco peat is a renewable resource and is one of the best and most versatile reptile or ..
In Stock
Powdered artificial diet designed and produced specifically for raising healthy silkworms. Available..
Zoo Med Cricket Block
In Stock
Zoo Med's cricket block is specially formulated to provide a nutritional food base while at the same..
Zoo Med Hanging Mealworm Feeder
In Stock
Great for stimulating the appetite of captive reptiles and amphibians, the mealworm feeder provides ..
Mealworm Pollard 450g
In Stock
High quality wheat pollard, the ideal diet for raising and maintaining your giant mealworms ((Zophob..