Extra Small Crickets (Qty of 250)

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Please note that our bulk live insects can only be purchased in lots/quantities of 250 via our website - e.g. 250, 500, 750, etc. except silkworms which are available in quantities of 25. If you require less than the mminimum bulk amount our Handy Packs are available in all sizes and types of insect with the quantites available in each shown on the product pages.

If you require a custom amount of any of our live insects, please contact us by email at sales@livefoods.com.au to process your order any further.


If you have any further questions or are unsure about any of the above, please contact us prior to placing an order.

Bulk orders of extra small live crickets purchased in lots of 250.

The Brown Cricket (Acheta domesticus) has been the mainstay of commercial insect production for decades and are still the preferred food for birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish and insectivorous mammals and invertebrates. They are fast growing, reaching maturity in just six weeks at ideal temperatures, nutritious when raised on the appropriate diet, hardy and relatively easy to handle.

Livefoods Unlimited crickets are sold in four sizes pinhead, small, medium and large. Pinhead crickets are traditionally new hatchlings but at Livefoods we believe they are more useful for most animals at around 7-10 days of age when they are about 2-3mm in length and have increased their nutritional value by consuming a quality diet for a few days. Small crickets are generally 5-8mm in length, mediums 10-15mm and large around 15-20mm after they have gone through their final moult and developed wings. All adult crickets have wings but they are folded away neatly beneath the dark brown wing covers on the back and are rarely used except if jumping and gliding down from a significant height. Winged adult crickets are not able to fly upwards and they are not as adept at climbing smooth surfaces so they are not as escape prone as cockroaches, although they are prodigious jumpers so it is a good idea not to build up their hiding places too close to the top of the box if no lid is used.

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