Mixed Wood Cockroaches (Qty of 250)

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NOTE: Purchased in lots of 250! Meaning Qty 1 = 250


Please note that our bulk live insects can only be purchased in lots/quantities of 250 via our website - e.g. 250, 500, 750, etc. except silkworms which are available in quantities of 25. If you require less than the minimum bulk amount our Handy Packs are available in all sizes and types of insect with the quantites available in each shown on the product pages.

If you require a custom amount of any of our live insects, please contact us by email at livefoods@outlook.com to process your order any further.


If you have any further questions or are unsure about any of the above, please contact us prior to placing an order.

NOT AVAILABLE TO TASMANIA.  Bulk orders of mixed live wood cockroaches (woodies) purchased in lots of 250.

Live wood cockroaches or 'woodies' (Nauphoeta cinerea) have become very popular in recent years mainly because they are an easy to care for, very tough, long-lived insect and larger than the traditional live food item of crickets, with an adult woodie being about twice the weight of an adult cricket. They are available in three sizes, small (3-10mm), medium (15-20mm) and large (20-30mm) and you can also order live cockroaches in a mixed batch with all sizes together. Immature woodies are a glossy dark brown in colour while the adults develop light brown wing covers after their final moult. Immediately after each skin change the newly moulted cockroaches are a pale creamy-white colour gradually darkening to the normal colour as the pigmentation develops. Some cockroach orders may contain small numbers of a tiny black beetle and or its mealworm-like larvae. These are Litter Beetles (Alphitobius sp) and are perfectly harmless to insects or other animals. They feed on decaying organic matter and we are happy for small numbers to be present in our colonies to help process the waste produced by the cockroaches. In most cases these are removed during the sorting process but some may end up being packed with the cockroaches especially in mixed sized orders.

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