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Please note that our bulk live insects can only be purchased in lots/quantities of 250 via our website - e.g. 250, 500, 750, etc. except silkworms which are available in quantities of 25. If you require less than the mminimum bulk amount our Handy Packs are available in all sizes and types of insect with the quantites available in each shown on the product pages.

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These are the true larval form of the black soldier fly (Hermetia illucens), a highly nutritious insect which have become hugely popular overseas as food items for captive animals, where they are also marketed as Phoenix Worms or Reptiworms.  These insects are not only high in calcium but more importantly nutritional analysis of our worms show the ratio of calcium to phosphorus is around 6:1. Many other feeder insects have a ratio nearer to 1:1 and as calcium is bound up by any phosphorus present it means these insects have to be regularly dusted with calcium powder to ensure those animals eating have sufficient calcium available in their diet. With Calci Worms there is up to six times as much calcium compared to phosphorus meaning those consuming them have ample free calcium to utilize for essential metabolic functions and growth. 

Livefoods' Calci Worms are supplied in the pre-pupation satge which means they are still actively moving around, so attractive to animals that need a movement stimulus to initiate a feeding response, but have no functioning mouthparts so don't actually require any food only a slightly moist substrate to hide in, Livefoods' Palm Peat is ideal for this purpose. Most will be black in colour but there may be some white coloured worms which are slightly younger, which will eventually turn darker. The white worms are fine to feed out and may even be more attractive to some fussy eaters. Eventually, they will pupate and ultimately emerge as adult black soldier flies, however, if they are kept in a this substrate in a warm fridge at around 8-10C they will last for an extended period in this pre-pupation stage (note, check the temperature of your fridge first, most domestic fridges run at about 3-4C which is too cold for Calci Worms long-term). When you are ready to feed just remove the quantity you need from refrigeration, allow them to warm up for a few minutes at which stage they will become active and start moving around again and you are ready to go. How convenient is that! If you find some of the larvae do pupate just let the flies hatch and they can also be fed out to active hunters like dragons, monitors, frogs, etc. The flies are totally harmless and unlike house flies or blow flies are not considered a pest insect.

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