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Please note that our bulk live insects can only be purchased in lots/quantities of 250 via our website - e.g. 250, 500, 750, etc. except silkworms which are available in quantities of 25. If you require less than the minimum bulk amount our Handy Packs are available in all sizes and types of insect with the quantites available in each shown on the product pages.

If you require a custom amount of any of our live insects, please contact us by email at to process your order any further.


If you have any further questions or are unsure about any of the above, please contact us prior to placing an order.

NOT AVAILABLE TO TASMANIA. Handy pack of giant mealworms available in a variety of sizes.

The common mealworm (Tenebrio molitor) has been cultured for decades as a food item but can be quite finicky about its requirements and the colonies are prone to infestation to a host of other invertebrate pests such as mealmoths and mites. Consequently, Livefoods Unlimited made the decision to concentrate on culturing and selling the giant mealworm (Zophobas morio), which are more resilient and easier to maintain plus their larger size means the ratio of indigestible chiton in the outer skeleton to body mass is a lot lower making them easier for reptiles and amphibians to digest. Remember though, never store giant mealworms in the fridge as they cannot tolerate such low temperatures as the common mealworms. The giants mealworms also tend to be a little more omnivorous than the common mealworm, which should improve their nutritional value.

Don’t confuse the giant mealworms with a product called “Superworms”. The giants are a totally different species to the common mealworm and "Superworms" are a chemically manipulated form of the common mealworm. They are raised on a diet that includes a development inhibitor which stops them pupating but they keep growing thus attaining a much larger size than the standard mealworm. Personally, I would be very reluctant to feed any chemically modified food item to my animals.

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